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After Emergency Order Expires June 30, Virginia’s Face Mask Ban Returns

BASSETT-After Gov. Northam's emergency order ends June 30, Virginia's face mask ban, created in 1953, goes back into effect.

Split Decision: Virginia Delegation Divided Over The Violence Against Women Act

WASHINGTON D.C.- The U.S. House approved the Violence Against Women Act on Wednesday, the first step toward getting the bill reauthorized.

Roanoke Becomes The Latest Virginia City to Adopt a Limited Gun Ban

ROANOKE-On Monday, Roanoke became the latest Virginia city to ban guns from certain areas.

Virginia’s Equal Rights Lawsuit Shot Down by Federal Court

WASHINGTON D.C.- In January 2020, Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Dogwood Download: Things You Should Know for Tuesday, March 2

RICHMOND-Blacksburg bans guns, Fairfax kids return to school and what exactly will the Assembly's marijuana bill do?

However, legalization doesn't take effect for another three years.
Did Virginia Legalize Marijuana? What Does The Bill Actually Do?

RICHMOND-The Virginia General Assembly legalized marijuana in Virginia last week, but it won’t take effect until 2024.

Virginia State Sen. Jennifer McClellan at the 2019 Virginia Women's Summit
Ettinger: McClellan’s Criminal Reform Bill a ‘Good Step Forward’

BLACKSBURG-The bill from Sen. McClellan requires courts to allow evidence concerning a defendant's mental condition at the time of the offense.