Former Virginia Political Candidate Arrested on Pedophile Charges

Authorities say he kidnapped and molested a 12 year old.

By Megan Schiffres

December 20, 2020

Larson is no stranger to controversy. He’s run for office on a variety of truly bizarre platforms over the years.

RICHMOND-A former candidate for multiple offices in Virginia, Nathan Larson, is under arrest for charges related to pedophilia and molestation of minors. Larson is a self-proclaimed pedophile, white supremacist and rapist.

A 40 year old accountant, Larson is facing five felony charges for kidnapping, child abduction, soliciting child pornography from a minor and meeting a child for the intention of sex. Additionally, Larson faces one misdemeanor charge for harboring a juvenile.

The charges against Larson are related to his alleged abduction and molestation of a 12 year old girl in Fresno, California.

Pedophile Case ‘Extremely Disturbing’

“This particular case is extremely disturbing, and very far-reaching across our nation,” said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

The girl Larson is facing charges for abducting went missing on the morning of December 14.

“When she was reported missing and the investigation started, we started talked to her friends and family. One of her acquaintances, this little girl’s acquaintances, mentioned to us that she had been communicating with this person online and that led us to identify him as the suspect,” Mims said. “During the past two months, Larson was able to convince the Fresno girl, through manipulation and grooming, to send him pornographic images of herself,”

According to the sheriff, Larson flew to Fresno from Virginia and then traveled to the girl’s home.  He persuaded her to sneak out of her house around 2:00 am.

Next, the sheriff said Larson told his victim to act as though she has a disability and unable to speak to ensure she would not converse with anyone at the airport while making their way onto the airplane. He made her wear a long hair wig to alter her appearance and they traveled to the airport together. 

The pair boarded a flight bound for Washington D.C., which had a layover in Denver. At the airport in Denver, local law enforcement located and arrested Larson.

Larson is currently imprisoned at the Denver County Jail. Below you can see the sheriff’s press conference, discussing Larson’s arrest.

‘There Are Other Victims Out There’

The girl Larson is facing charges for abducting is not physically hurt, according to Mims. However, Mims said he molested her at the airport.

“She was not harmed physically in a way that is going to affect her that we know of right now. There was some physical touching but as far as we know that’s the extent of it,” said Mims.

That night, Larson’s alleged victim returned home to her parents, according to the sheriff. However, she said there could be more victims out there.

“Due to the sophisticated nature of how Larson groomed this Fresno girl, detectives believe he has victimized other children in the past, but those cases have never been reported to law enforcement,” Mims said. “It’s obvious that Larson had the ability to be in contact with children across the nation and the willingness and the means to travel and abduct them. We believe that there are other victims out there.”

Self-Proclaimed Pedophile and Rapist

Larson is a self-proclaimed pedophile and white supremicist.

“During the investigation, detectives uncovered Nathan Larson has a deeply disturbing background.  He is a white supremacist and a well-known advocate for pedophilia. This is a man who runs a website, which encourages the raping of children and sharing of naked photos and video of children being raped,” said Mims.

In a 2018 article by the Huffington Post, Larson responds to a question about whether he writes about pedophelia or is a pedophile by saying ‘it’s a mix of both.’

In that story, Larson also said there is a ‘grain of truth’ to his essays depicting father-daughter incest and several of him raping his ex-partner.

At the time that the article came out, Larson was running for office in Virginia. The story resulted in his having to withdraw from the election. But this incident marked only the latest in Larson’s bizarre political career.

A Pro-Pedophile Platform

On multiple occasions, Larson ran for office on a platform advocating for legalizing incest, making women the property of men, and white supremacy.

In 2018 he published a manifesto outlining his political philosophy. There are many, many disturbing themes in the document including racism . Its most consistent theme is a hatred of women and calls for their subjugation.

“We need to switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands,” wrote Larson in the manifesto. “I support Roman Catholicism’s goal of subordinating women as sex slaves and baby factories for their husbands.”

His manifesto also calls Adolf Hitler a ‘white supremacist hero’.

A Bizarre Career

In 2008, Larson ran as a Libertarian for a seat in the U.S House of Representatives. He campaigned to represent District 1 in Virginia.  Republican Rob Wittman defeated him in that election. However, Larson won 1.5% of the vote, or 5,265 votes.

The same year, he also sent a detailed email to the Secret Service with a death threat against the President of the United States. At the time, George W. Bush was the outgoing president. Barack Obama was the incoming president.

In 2009, Larson pled guilty to the threat and the court sentenced him to 16 months in federal prison. Then, 14 months later, he regained his freedom.

Afterwards, in 2017, Larson once again ran for political office. This time as an independent, he sought election to District 31 of the Virginia House of Delegates. Once again, he lost. But once again, people did actually vote for him. 1.68% of voters in the district, or 481 people, cast their ballot for this self-proclaimed pedophile that year.

Undeterred, the next year Larson announced yet another bid for office. He announced his candidacy as an Independent for Virginia’s 10th congressional district in 2018. He withdrew his candidacy before Election Day.

A Self-Professed Incestuous Rapist

In 2015, Larson attempted to regain custody of his infant daughter. He lost the case, according to the Colorado Springs Independent, after admitting to having sexual feelings for children. The Independent’s story on his case quoted an excerpt of a letter he wrote to his former partner and parent to his daughter. In it, Larson admits to raping his partner and proposing to rape his children.

“It didn’t concern me that given my history of raping you, as well as the gravity of what I was proposing doing with the children, I might irreparably destroy our relationship and any prospect of my ever seeing the children (especially unsupervised),” he wrote.

Following his conviction in 2009, Larson became disqualified from running for office in most states. However, when then-Governor Terry McAuliffe restored the right to vote and run for office to thousands of Virginia felons, that changed.

What’s Next?

Larson has a court hearing in Denver on December 24th. According to the statement by the Fresno District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp, Larson will face life in state prison if the court convicts him.

For now, investigators are still determining what federal charges Larson will face, according to Mims.

What Can You Do?

Do you know a child who is being sexually exploited online? Report it to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Cyber Tipline.

If you or someone you know have ever had inappropriate contact with Nathan Larson, contact Fresno County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brandon Pursell at (559) 600-8029, [email protected] or Sergeant Chad Stokes at (559) 600-8144, [email protected]

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