Protestors in Richmond opposing election results
Glenn Youngkin and the ‘Election Integrity’ Myth in Virginia

The GOP gubernatorial candidate has said President Joe Biden is legitimate. But that didn't stop him from attending an "election integrity" event at Liberty University.

Gov. Ralph Northam at an event.
Virginia’s No. 1 for Business, but What About Workers?

The state used to rank dead last for worker conditions. That's changed.

PRIDE Act a good start to fixing LGBT discrimination in the US tax code, experts say.
Would PRIDE Act Help? Tax Code Causes Problems For LGBTQ Couples

RICHMOND-The PRIDE Act, co-sponsored by Virginia Congressman Don Beyer, would help fix problems LGBTQ couples have with the tax code.

Experts say it's already too late to use the panic defense
Panic Defense Comes Up in Blacksburg Case. Isn’t It Banned In Virginia?

BLACKSBURG-Virginia's panic defense ban gets its first legal test in a Blacksburg murder case. Who's in charge of enforcing it?

Firefighters Associations in Virginia are requesting the right to collectively bargain
Virginia Firefighters Want the Right to Negotiate

RICHMOND-Now that they have the ability to request it, fire departments across Virginia are asking their local governments to grant them collective bargaining rights.

Princess Blanding is running for governor
Princess Blanding Meets Deadline, Remains in Governor’s Race

RICHMOND-If elected governor, Princess Blanding would be the first Black woman and the first queer person to hold that title in Virginia.

Houseless children are entitled to an education in the US
Who’s Helping Virginia’s Houseless Students?

RICHMOND-Post-pandemic, Virginia districts need help reaching houseless students and money is available. But they have to ask.