Virginia schools still lack funding, teachers, and support staff

Virginia Board of Education's annual report finds school funding from the state is 8% lower than it was in 2009.

How Virginia Democrats could revamp the criminal justice system in 2020

Advocates say bringing parole back to the state could solve problems with overcrowding and lack of funding for health care.

New battle over Virginia’s uranium ban coming

Companies bring a last chance suit to access the $6 billion deposit in Chatham, Virginia, which is the largest in the...

Virginia has weaker payday loan rules than most states

Protesters gather in Winchester to oppose interest rates that can be three times higher than in other states.

GOP-led county boards in Virginia declare​ themselves ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’

A growing number of Virginia counties have voted to designate their localities as “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” The resolutions express the county’s intent to oppose gun safety measures and not spend public money on enforcing them.

Report: Virginia Superfund sites inadequately protected from climate change

A government watchdog group has found that 15 Virginia Superfund sites are vulnerable to extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. According to...

Hundreds of Richmond hospital patients lost their right to make medical decisions

Times-Dispatch investigation finds potential conflicts of interest between Richmond law firm and VCU Health. VCU Health System has...

Northam lays out new trade initiative as Virginia loses business

Governor plans dozens of initiatives to improve trade as state lags the rest of the country country in exports.

Virginia Republicans still have time to make judicial picks

They lost the General Assembly but could stack courts with their preferred judges before January. Virginian Republicans may...

Virginia’s Black Caucus adds four new members after historic election

The group hopes their expanded ranks can lead to action on criminal justice reform, increased funding for schools

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