A poll worker stamps a voters ballot before dropping it into a secure box at a ballot drop off location on October 13, 2020.  (Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images)
Relocated Polls, Last Minute Notices. What Happened to Richmond’s Election?

RICHMOND-In our debrief of Richmond’s election, yesterday we looked at the problems with ballots in the city.

Virginia Election Sees Record Numbers
Votes Added, Voters Subtracted. What Happened With Richmond’s Election?

RICHMOND-All Richmond residents had a chance to pick their president.

Send your ballot by mail today Oct. 27
Virginia Elections Board Votes to Certify State Results

RICHMOND — The State Board of Elections in Virginia voted Wednesday to certify the state’s election results.

Should We Abolish the Electoral College?
Who Chooses Virginia’s Electors? Well, That Depends.

BLACKSBURG- When you filled the bubble for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, you actually voted for one of two slates of 13 electors.

Elizabeth Stone Passes Away
Saying Goodbye: Community, Region Mourn Loss of Liz Stone

HENRY COUNTY - When some people go to work, they can’t wait to be finished.

Southwest VA Voters Set Records
UVA Law Students Volunteered to Safeguard Election

CHARLOTTESVILLE-UVA law students spent their Election Day monitoring polling places in Charlottesville for voter intimidation.

Richmond Registar's Office Hit by COVID-19
90% of Richmond Registar’s Office Quarantined After COVID-19 Outbreak

RICHMOND-The Richmond Registrar’s Office is operating with a four person staff this week, thanks to a COVID-19 outbreak.